The Roman

Dress up is big in our house.  The Boy always has some sort of outfit on, and it usually changes several times daily.  I’ve been known to take him to the store dressed as a knight, robot, astronaut, or whomever he happens to be that day.

I don’t remember where The Boy’s love of Romans came from, but he likes to pretend he is a Roman Centurion.  I did some research on Greek and Roman leather armor, and tried to somewhat base my design on that.  This was a really fun project and I managed to get it done relatively quickly.  I love the six-pack muscles.

This was also from my own pattern, and I was happy that it came together without a hitch.  It was a huge hit on Christmas day.  It is made of brown vinyl that I got on crazy sale for $3 a yard.  The top is all done with free-motion quilting.  There’s a layer of cotton batting underneath it and a brown cotton lining under that.  The tunic underneath is a separate piece.  It’s just a cotton muslin square with neck and arm holes.

There is also a special Roman sword that goes with it, but again, it’s not pictured.  What makes a sword Roman?  The pommel is shaped differently.  What’s a pommel and why do I know?  Because I have a four year old boy.

3 Responses to “The Roman”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    i am BLOWN AWAY.

  2. gana writes:

    awesome… hope i get to see the boy in it!

  3. Halloween 2010 | The Laughing Monkey writes:

    […] chose to be Hercules, wearing the Roman armor I made for him for Christmas 2008.  He refused to wear one of the many helmets we own, […]

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