Do Not Sit On Me Please!

I just re-caned this rocking chair on Monday.  It was thrifted while I was pregnant with The Girl and I had fully intended on repairing it before her birth, but she decided to arrive two weeks early.

I finally got to it a year later.  Such is life with babies. I’m fairly pleased with how the chair turned out, although I think I could do a better job next time.  I may stain the caning so it will match the rest of the chair, or I may just make a quilted cushion for it and call it done.

I put the sign on the chair to keep anyone from using it during the week that the glue needs to sit and dry.  As I was playing with The Boy today, I saw it sitting on the chair and it made me smile.  A smile that was very welcome in a very difficult day.  I thought it described perfectly how very frazzled I felt in that moment.  Anyone who is home with children on a daily basis can fully appreciate what it means to have children climbing on you all day.  So in a moment of mama-delirium, I jokingly pinned it to my shirt.

The Boy asked me what it said and I told him.  I said I thought it was a funny joke.  He chuckled to himself as if he understood and that was enough explanation for him.

Tomorrow is a new day.  They will probably sit on me, but I think my glue is dry enough to handle it.

2 Responses to “Do Not Sit On Me Please!”

  1. mama bird writes:

    ha ha! i think we should all have a sign like this. and I can think of a few more too! here’s to a new day…

  2. kangaroo writes:

    hahaha!!! too funny. the chair looks awesome!!

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