First Waldorf Doll

Since I shared The Girl’s Waldorf doll last week, I thought I’d share The Boy’s today.  I really love how he turned out.  I made him to match The Boy’s eye and hair color, and I even made the little hawaiian shirt and jeans just like The Boy used to wear.

I made him from a kit I bought from Joy’s.  I don’t think a kit is really necessary, but I simply could not get my head around getting all the supplies together and I couldn’t find a pattern for free.  Making the head is a little tricky and Joy’s instructions walk you through it step by step.  It was only after I made The Boy’s doll that I felt confident enough to make The Girl’s without a pattern.  So at least it was a learning experience.

I was so disappointed that The Boy utterly rejected this doll after I spent so much time and swore so much while making him.  But I think The Girl will get some use out of him.  I was planning on giving him a makeover, but when I dressed him up in his original outfit again, I couldn’t bear to change him one bit.

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  1. mama bird writes:

    How cute! I have never seen this doll at your house – it truly is a little version of the boy. And I think you are right, the girl will give him some love, for sure.

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