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zippered pouch tutorial

A friend gave me this awesome vintage-inspired fabric because she didn’t have a use for it. I’ve got a top for myself and a skirt for The Girl all cut out and ready to sew, but I decided to make something for her as a thank you. The pink lining fabric and the salmon colored […]

wedding gift

Oh hello. Life has been good, spending less time on the computer.  Less time on the computer means more time on the Featherweight. What’s not to love about that? I finished the Paris dress. I’ll have to model it in Paris, bien sûr.  Let me just say that it was not as easy to make […]

Paris, baby, Paris.

Check out the beautiful navy stretch satin I purchased last night on a child-free expedition to the fabric store. I am making this dress (Butterick 5383) for a very special occasion.  The Daddy Monkey is taking me to a French restaurant for my 39th birthday this year. In France. So yeah, I’m going to Paris.  […]


Once again, I was pretty proud of myself for getting the kids’ Halloween costumes done ahead of time.  I love making the costumes for the kids (I always did fantasize about being a costume designer), and the key to doing it stress-free, is starting very early. Much to my chagrin, The Girl chose to be […]

White Apron and Pie

I made this apron from a beautiful white pillowcase.  The pillowcase is an odd size, it must have been a huge throw pillow or something. I really like the apron, and I look forward to wearing it when I cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family.  It will be the first time I’ve had the whole […]

Kitchen Rugs

Here are the rugs I hinted about.  I really love them.  The instructions can be found in the book Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki.  (The same book I used to make these two little purses.) Made entirely of patchwork from my stash.  I am really mindful of trying to use what I have lately.  Again […]


Today I am feeling a bit under the weather.  We’ve had the ickies for the last week and I’m feeling like it can move along any day now.  You hear that?  Any day now. I’m slowing down as much as a stay at home homeschooling mama can.  Trying to get enough sleep and rest.  I […]

A Few Purses and a Sad Wallet Story

Last year, before our summer trip to New York, I decided I needed a small bag to slip into the big messenger bag I carry whenever we are in NYC.  Whenever the big bag has to be checked (such as in a museum or store) the small bag can hold my wallet and phone. Both […]

The Tale of Horsey

Many years ago, I’m not sure when, The Daddy Monkey’s Babci (“babci” is Polish for Grandmother) made for him a little stuffed red horse.  It became his lovey when he was a small child.  Over many years, Horsey (as he came to be called) was dragged everywhere and became quite dirty and worn.  His mother […]

Getting Ready for Dia de los Muertos

The Monkey Family will be throwing a huge Dia de los Muertos bash this weekend!  We used to throw these parties annually, but the last one we threw was three years ago, while The Girl was still in my belly.  I cannot believe I managed to throw this party while pregnant because it is a […]