Archives for the Month of October, 2010


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at spinning for so long.  I finally found the inspiration I needed in the video Renate Hiller’s On Handwork.  If you have not seen this, please do yourself a favor and watch the four and a half minute video.  It is gorgeous.  How amazing it is to try […]

Celebrating Fall :: Day 3 :: candles

Whenever the seasons change, I always find myself cleaning, organizing and just generally sprucing up. For some reason, candlemaking always strikes me as something to do for a festival, equinox, or solstice. I lucked out and found some beeswax at my local farmer’s market.  It was unfiltered though, so there were a few bugs and […]

Celebrating Fall :: Day 2 :: Michaelmas

I had been wanting to celebrate Michaelmas with the kids since I first read about it, thinking it would be a great fit for The Boy, who has always had a passion for all things knightly.  Since I learned my lesson to not try to cram it all into one day like I did with […]

Finished / Unfinished

After all the time, and all the fuss that was made (or not made) over this painting, here it is, finished and in its frame.  I have so many thoughts and feelings tied up in this painting.  I started it in 2007, and had to stop working on it because I found out I was […]