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We had our Martinmas celebration this past weekend.  In the Waldorf tradition, Martinmas is about the importance of protecting our “inner light” through the harsh winter, and about helping others do the same. All of last week we talked about the story of St. Martin and how important it is to help those in need.  […]

Finished / Unfinished

After all the time, and all the fuss that was made (or not made) over this painting, here it is, finished and in its frame.  I have so many thoughts and feelings tied up in this painting.  I started it in 2007, and had to stop working on it because I found out I was […]

Yesterday’s Progress

Here is what raw determination will get you in just one day.

I Painted Today

This was the scene in my dining room today.  While The Girl napped, I painted for the first time since I found out I was pregnant with her, over three years ago.  This is the painting I had to stop working on, and it has hung in my kitchen, unfinished, for three years. I hardly […]

Another Sick Day

This pretty paint box was about the highlight of my day. Another sick day today.  This time it’s The Girl.  104 fever.  I hate the worry that comes with mothering.  Not knowing when to call the doctor and when to just let nature run its course. So we painted today.  A lot.

I love you, France

Eiffel Tower, painted by me, November 2002 Dear France, I love you.  I love your language, I love your chefs, I love your crepes, and I love your music.  I love your films,  I love your perfume, I love your painters, and I love your flowers.  I love your icon, I love your fashion, I […]

The Boy Paints, and Thoughts of Peter

So many, many times have I tried to create art with The Boy.  I have come at it from every angle, I have tried every medium, I have begged, I have cajoled, and I have encouraged.  He does not care to participate.  As a stitcher and an artist, it saddens me to see him missing […]