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I’ve always been a bit of a fiber junkie. I love it all: thread, fabric and yarn. I tried my hand at spinning back in 2010, but I just didn’t have the time to devote to it, and it got pushed to the “someday” file. One day recently I was ordering some wool batting for […]


We had yet another lovely Martinmas this year. Keeping it the same from year to year makes it easy on mama and gives a feeling of anticipation, comfort, and familiarity to the kids. Same lanterns, same stories, same location, and same dinner. It was all delightfully predictable.   The weather was cool and crisp. Absolutely […]

with thanks

We had a lovely holiday weekend filled with sunsets, parties, turkey, and relaxing. Our nature table is overflowing, and it’s hard to believe that I’ll be clearing it for Advent soon. But for now, I am trying to squeeze out the last bit of enjoyment that I can out of Thanksgiving and autumn. So very […]

halloween 2012

Dress-up is pretty big in this house. I think the reason I go through all the trouble of making halloween costumes, is that I know I will see them in action for months, maybe years to come. I didn’t get as early a start on costumes as I usually do, but I managed to pull […]

dia de los muertos 2012

Well, we did it again! Here’s this year’s fiesta. It was a good one. By the time we were through, we had partied for eight hours straight and entertained sixty-six guests! You can read about what Dia de los Muertos is and what it means to me, as well as see photos of 2010’s party […]

chicken weather is here

As I type this, it is 64 degrees outside. I know my Northern friends might laugh at that, but for those of us in the South, it is nice and chilly. I am not complaining one little bit. And it’s supposed to get down to 53 tonight! I have my wool socks on and my […]