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circle of life

No sooner had I written that last post, than my grandmother passed away. I don’t usually like to talk about such personal things in this space, but I feel so compelled to do something. Grief. It has hovered over my home so much in the last year, I can hardly breathe from its heavy burden. […]

More Sickness and Yellow Stripes

I’m sure you know that the progress on this sweater can mean only one thing: The Boy unfortunately came down with The Girl’s flu.  For some reason the Daddy Monkey and I have been spared (so far, anyway) and for that I am extremely grateful. <repeats to self> I am healthy, I am healthy, I […]


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at spinning for so long.  I finally found the inspiration I needed in the video Renate Hiller’s On Handwork.  If you have not seen this, please do yourself a favor and watch the four and a half minute video.  It is gorgeous.  How amazing it is to try […]

The Promise of a New Journal

I’ve been feeling a bit mixed up lately.  Lots of Big Thoughts going through my head.  Thoughts about home, life, children, education, religion.  You know, the little things. Sometimes when I feel a bit scrambled and need to think or just vent, I reach for my journal.  Only this time I pulled out my journal […]

My New Found Love: Natalie Chanin

I know I’m way late on this, but I am totally in love with Natalie Chanin, and her company, Alabama Chanin.  The Daddy Monkey gave me The Alabama Stitch Book for my birthday, and it is such a beautiful and inspiring book.  I love the fact that she left New York City, and then Europe, […]

My New Zafu

Here’s my new zafu.  I roughly followed the tutorial found here.  I know it’s not necessary to have gear for meditation, but it certainly is more pleasant to have a comfortable place to sit.  I really enjoyed sewing this, it’s another one of those mindful sewing projects that I love.  This is actually the second […]


Since we are now honoring more yearly rhythms in our family, (and really, who needs an excuse to celebrate?) we celebrated Candlemas/Imbolc/Groundhog Day yesterday.  Even though our celebration borrows a bit from many traditions, I have chosen to simply call it Candlemas.  Candlemas is a cross-quarter holiday, which means it falls at the midpoint between […]

Thoughts on Mindfulness

I’ve been having a hard time being still lately.  Yes, I always have about four projects going at once, but I mean Still with a capital S.  Inner stillness. I’m rushing about always getting frustrated that I can’t Get It All Done.  I’ve been dealing with child meltdowns nearly every day after school for the […]

The Day the Yarn Gods Smiled Upon Me

We had a lovely rainy Saturday.  After The Girl and I had a nap, I decided to head over to the Goodwill to look for some desperately needed clothes, and some new shelves for my fabric stash.  I did not find any clothes or shelves, but I did stumble upon the mother lode of yarn […]