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I am trying to find the words to describe how I feel about these dolls. But let me start by saying there is a beautiful story that goes along with them. A dear friend of mine suffered an unthinkable loss recently. The day the terrible tragedy happened, I could hardly sit still. I was overwhelmed with […]

with thanks

We had a lovely holiday weekend filled with sunsets, parties, turkey, and relaxing. Our nature table is overflowing, and it’s hard to believe that I’ll be clearing it for Advent soon. But for now, I am trying to squeeze out the last bit of enjoyment that I can out of Thanksgiving and autumn. So very […]

New Fairies

Now that the holidays are over, I can show off some of the toys I made for the kids. Here are the fairies I made, to go with these from last year.  All of them get played with a lot, by both The Boy and The Girl. I won’t show you how last year’s look […]

Birthday Fairies

The Girl just turned three last month.  How did that happen?!  Three?  Really?! We had a simple and sweet party at home.  She invited two girl friends and the rest of us were family. Here is the fairy set I made for her. They are so cute, I could nearly explode.  And the boy fairy!  […]

Happy Birthday, Part 2

Here’s some more crafty goodness from The Girl’s birthday. The spring bunting became happy birthday bunting with the addition of a few new letters. The bendy dolls I made for The Girl’s new dollhouse.  These took So. Long. To. Make. Beautiful thrifted oak caddy for her art supplies.  When she wants to use it she […]

Doll and Cradle for The Girl

When I was pregnant with The Girl, I bought this wooden doll cradle at the Goodwill for $5, because I was so convinced that she was a girl.  This month, I finally pulled it out of storage and it was a mess.  It had nails sticking out of it, and it was spotted with paint […]

First Waldorf Doll

Since I shared The Girl’s Waldorf doll last week, I thought I’d share The Boy’s today.  I really love how he turned out.  I made him to match The Boy’s eye and hair color, and I even made the little hawaiian shirt and jeans just like The Boy used to wear. I made him from […]

Waldorf Doll

Here’s the Waldorf doll I made for The Girl for Christmas. I’m very proud of her because this is only the second Waldorf doll I’ve ever made, and she is from my very own pattern.  The first Waldorf doll I made was for The Boy’s second birthday and it was a very challenging project for […]

The Finished Ragdoll

I did manage to get the doll finished in time for The Girl’s birthday.  Barely.  I was up until 11:30 p.m. the night before, but who’s counting? It was not the easiest project I have ever done, and I found myself muttering, “I’m never making another one of these.”  But I said that when I […]

Ragdoll for The Girl

I was originally planning on making The Girl’s Big Girl Quilt for her first birthday, but let’s just say time got away from me.  I had been working on it a little bit, but I just wasn’t feeling the love for the way the wonky log cabin pattern was looking with the fabrics I had […]