Doll and Cradle for The Girl

When I was pregnant with The Girl, I bought this wooden doll cradle at the Goodwill for $5, because I was so convinced that she was a girl.  This month, I finally pulled it out of storage and it was a mess.  It had nails sticking out of it, and it was spotted with paint and dirt.   I sanded and scrubbed it, then polished it with some nice beeswax polish.

I made a little mattress and quilt, and to my delight, this doll fit perfectly inside.  That is the doll I made for The Boy years ago, which he never played with.  I gave the baby a good bath and made a new little gown and diaper for it.

I love the little cloth diaper.  It’s details like that which made me totally fall in love with certain dollies when I was a little girl.

I put a lot of time and love into this gift.  It makes me so happy to see this old doll (and cradle) get a new life.

4 Responses to “Doll and Cradle for The Girl”

  1. exhale. return to center. writes:

    oh my! such sweetness.

  2. MamaBird writes:

    You are an amazing Mama! Your little monkeys are truly blessed.

  3. Trish writes:

    How completely adorable and huggable – who wouldn’t love to play with that! My girls would be in heaven!

  4. Colette writes:

    You’re so classy, Rose.

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