Archives for the Month of April, 2009

The Weather Report

We’ve taken to talking about the weather around here.  I ask The Boy to look out the window every morning and tell me what the weather looks like.  I draw a picture on his chalkboard of the weather (The Girl helps) and add the caption that he tells me. It’s my hope that someday he […]

New Skirt Finished

I actually finished this skirt in three days!  I wore it on Easter, but I spent the entire day trying not to flash everyone around me.  The overlap on the skirt is only about six inches, which I think it way too short for “flashing protection.”  So it went into the closet, and this past […]

Our Garden

I’ve been working in my garden a lot.  Well, we lovingly call it our garden, but it is no masterpiece by a long shot.  I know it is not spectacular, but it is the result of my hard work and I love it.  I’m all about using what I have, buying as little as possible, […]

3 Breakfasts

Mine.  Homemade granola with soy milk. The Girl’s.  Oatmeal with dried apricots. The Boy’s.  French toast with maple syrup.

Sickness (Still)

The Boy’s sickness went from getting better to much worse, literally overnight.  He awoke at four yesterday morning, crying in pain.  Bravo to The Daddy Monkey for providing comfort while I nursed The Girl.  There is nothing worse to a parent than seeing your child suffer, and knowing there is nothing you can do except […]

The Girl’s Easter Dress

I made The Girl’s Easter dress from some of my leftover thrifted vintage sheet fabric.  This was the second time I used McCall’s pattern 5083 and I’m not so sure I’ll be using it again.  I really like the simple shape of the dress, but the bindings on the neckband and arm holes are impossibly […]

A Happy Easter Afterall

I woke up to the sound of The Boy’s footprints running through the house to check if The Easter Bunny had come during the night.  Since The Daddy Monkey was taking the kids to the grandparents’ house that morning, we had decided to do our Easter activities (baskets, egg hunt, dinner) when they returned. Big […]

Countdown to Easter

I’ve already said how much I love Spring and Easter.  I’ve been really looking forward to this weekend and the holiday.  The Boy has always loved Easter and all its festivities, and The Girl is interested participating in whatever The Boy is doing.  I really hope Phase I of the Backyard Spruce-Up is done this […]

The Hope of New Clothes

Back before I had kids, I used to dress in cute funky outfits, wear nail polish, and sleep late.  These days I’m lucky if the clothes I’m wearing actually fit, there isn’t dirt under my fingernails, and I get to sleep three hours in a row. I used to sew almost all of my clothes, […]