New Skirt Finished

I actually finished this skirt in three days!  I wore it on Easter, but I spent the entire day trying not to flash everyone around me.  The overlap on the skirt is only about six inches, which I think it way too short for “flashing protection.”  So it went into the closet, and this past weekend I had a chance to sew two more buttons and buttonholes on it.  I really like how it looks with all the buttons, and I am envisioning the possibilities of contrasting buttons or covered buttons on a different skirt.

Now I just need to find the time to make the other two…

2 Responses to “New Skirt Finished”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    WOW, this looks like something you just picked up at the trendy store. Very well crafted! Have you seen the flurry of spring tops being made in the blogosphere?

  2. Linn writes:

    It looks cute! Maybe you could find a brooch or something to tack it shut so you can keep wearing it without flashing!

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