Archives for the Month of July, 2010

Mood Fabrics NYC

I don’t even recall how I ever first heard about Mood Fabrics, but whenever I mentioned to someone that I was going to be visiting there while in New York, they always replied, “That’s the place in Project Runway!” Well, I’ve never seen Project Runway, but I can say now that I understand why they […]

A Pretty Good Sick Day, or, Cookie Love Part 3

We are all a little under the weather here. I made Andy’s Chicken Soup, which is still my all-time favorite chicken soup. And while I was at it with the comfort food, I made some fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.  No, in my sickened state, I was not slaving away making fresh cookies.  Earlier in the […]

My New Second Home: Purl Soho

Well, thank you for humoring me and looking at my NY snapshots.  Now let’s get down to what everyone really wants to see: my fabric shopping expeditions. I dragged the entire family to Purl Soho for some glorious fiber love, and was it ever worth it.  That place is amazing.  Beautiful white walls, well-lit, and […]

Snapshots of NYC

It was a great trip.  Our first big family vacation as a family of four.  It had its challenges, but overall I’m glad we did it.  Here are a few choice photos of some New York flavor. The skyline of Manhattan, as we saw it on the way from the airport.  This photo doesn’t even […]

We Are Back

I know this post seems somewhat out of place, considering I never did sign off with the “we’re off to New York!” as I had intended to do. We are indeed back, and making our way through a mountain of laundry, unpacking, and just settling in.  The Girl came back with a cold, and she […]