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My Tomato

Our poor summer garden.  Almost a complete failure except for basil and peppers.  Everything grew, but suffered blossom drop from the heat. This ugly tomato was only one of two that we harvested.  Too much rain caused it to crack!  But it tasted good nonetheless, and I suppose that’s what matters. I’m looking forward to […]

The Garden

So here it is.  Our first vegetable garden in over ten years. The plan for the raised bed is from the book The Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen.  I would like to say it was easy to put together because I am not the one who put it together, but the project […]


Straight from the herb garden to tonight’s pizza.  Grown from seed. Such satisfaction in these tiny things. Happy weekend, friends.

Tomato Fest 2011

I spent the past weekend processing the 73 pounds of tomatoes I picked on Friday, and it was exhausting work.  But now I have thirteen quarts of canned tomatoes, five pints of frozen oil-packed oven roasted tomatoes, thirteen pints of tomato chutney, and six pints of tomato jam.  Whew!  That’s a lot of chutney?  Do […]

The Sandwich That Changed My Life

Oh hello there.  I’ve missed you.  I am still here. We went tomato picking at our local farm today.  One dollar for a full plastic bag.  That equates to about 14 pounds of tomatoes for a dollar.  How could I pass that up?! I spent a total of five dollars on 73 pounds of tomatoes, […]


Today I am feeling a bit under the weather.  We’ve had the ickies for the last week and I’m feeling like it can move along any day now.  You hear that?  Any day now. I’m slowing down as much as a stay at home homeschooling mama can.  Trying to get enough sleep and rest.  I […]


I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of accomplishment on Candlemas this year. This marks our first full year of festivals.  It was with Candlemas last year that I began our year of rhythm. This year I did manage to spread the festivities out over a few days, but not by much.  I’m still […]


Here is the wheatgrass we planted just last week.  We have all enjoyed watching this grow, and are astounded at how quickly it has sprung up.

Planting Freesia

When we took down the Christmas tree this year, I bought some flower bulbs to plant to welcome the oncoming spring.  I prepared all my supplies ahead of time, and invited the kids to come in the backyard for a project.  I’m now learning that the key to keeping them happy and involved is to […]

Our Garden

I’ve been working in my garden a lot.  Well, we lovingly call it our garden, but it is no masterpiece by a long shot.  I know it is not spectacular, but it is the result of my hard work and I love it.  I’m all about using what I have, buying as little as possible, […]