Today I am feeling a bit under the weather.  We’ve had the ickies for the last week and I’m feeling like it can move along any day now.  You hear that?  Any day now.

I’m slowing down as much as a stay at home homeschooling mama can.  Trying to get enough sleep and rest.  I cast on a new spring sweater for The Girl.  (You know a sweater is small when you find it easier to knit it on double pointed needles rather than a circular needle.)

Mostly I’ve spent a lot of time thinking.

I’ve been thinking about Spring clothes to sew.

Wishing I could pore over seed catalogs like my friends who are blessed with enough space and sunlight to garden.  When the weather begins to warm, I always get the urge to get my fingers in the dirt. I’ve been fantasizing about a front yard vegetable garden.

Thinking it would be nice to finish my new kitchen curtains.  The ones I started before I got sick.

Contemplating the carving of a wooden spoon.  I love watching this.  I’ve always wanted to work more with wood and this seems as good a place to start as any.  We all need spoons, right?  And lately I’ve been thinking more about how useful things can be both useful and beautiful.  This man is serious about his spoons.  When I find something like this it just makes me love the world even more.  And I do like the Spoon Carving Manifesto.

That’s where I’ve been today, how about you?

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  1. MamaBird writes:

    Sending you lots of healing energy and love… and, my goodness, you have been lost in thought over there! I LOVE that front yard vegetable garden. I’ve been thinking about that lately too. And of course you want to make wooden spoons! Why wouldn’t you? When you get them done, you must make some spoon butter (mineral oil and your beloved beeswax) to keep them in shape: I’ve been thinking about making this for my cutting board and wooden tools. Someday….

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