The Winter Nature Table

Here’s our winter nature table once again.  Even though some days it doesn’t feel like winter, it at least looks like winter on our nature table.  I got the idea for the tree from Made by Joel.  I really miss naked trees down here in Florida.

Wheatgrass and quartz crystal.

Handmade tomten.  I absolutely love the book The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren. It’s one of my favorite children’s books of all time.  Rocks, pinecone, sweetgum balls, and acorn caps from our New York trip this winter.

Brigid rejoins our nature table as of Candlemas.  She and her flock were handmade by The Daddy Monkey and I.

Spring is most definitely on its way to us.  The nights are still cool enough for a wool blanket, but this afternoon the temperature climbed up to 73 degrees!  It was absolutely gorgeous.  March is my favorite month in Florida, and I am looking forward to it!

6 Responses to “The Winter Nature Table”

  1. Jaime writes:

    It looks so peaceful. Is your nature table for “playing” with or is it just for looking at?

  2. Nancy writes:

    so beautiful ~ very wintry!

  3. Tammy writes:

    Ah! We just re-read Tomten last weekend, snuggled in bed.

  4. urban craft writes:

    This is so lovely. A perfect piece of outside indoors. I’m going to take my little guy out to collect some items, as soon as it stops raining.

  5. Kollene Carlsson writes:

    what a beautiful winter table!!!

  6. Meghan writes:

    Hi. I just came across your site looking for wintry nature table ideas. Did you make your St Brigid? Great ideas here! Thanks for the inspiration.

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