Archives for the Month of May, 2009

The New Dishwasher

Our dishwasher finally went kaput.  It’s been on the fritz for months, and to be honest, it has never worked right in the few years we’ve had it.  It did the worst job washing dishes, as opposed to our old one which would wash anything.  I swear you could put a whole chicken in there […]

Sickness Again

Weren’t we just sick?  Yes, I believe so.  This time, everyone has fallen ill, so things here pretty much stopped over the weekend.  Usually I’m upset if I happen to be sick on a weekend, especially a three day holiday, but this time I was glad to have The Daddy Monkey home. So on Monday, […]

Spring Quilt Progress

Here’s what the Spring quilt looks like these days.  I am halfway through piecing the top.  Did I mention that it is going to be king size?  The thing is huge already. I had to take a little break from it because I started getting really sick of it.  I always get to that point […]

Another Skirt

Here’s another wrap skirt finished!  I really love it, and I’m wearing it all the time.  Three cheers for homemade summer skirts! I know it’s been said in blogland before, but it is really hard to take a decent picture of yourself wearing a skirt that you made.

Bento Love

After my cloudy mood all last week, a little box of sunshine arrived on my doorstep Friday morning.  It was filled with bento supplies from Ichiban Kan. I used to make bento lunches for The Daddy Monkey a few years ago when he wasn’t able to come home for lunch.  It is a lot of […]

Thoughts For Mother’s Day

Please bear with me as I clear my head.  These thoughts have been weighing on my heart for a while now. Things at The Monkey House have been crazy the last six weeks.  Lots of sickness, teething, and overtime hours at work for the Daddy Monkey.  It’s enough to give any mama the feeling of […]