Archives for the Month of January, 2009

Do Not Sit On Me Please!

I just re-caned this rocking chair on Monday.  It was thrifted while I was pregnant with The Girl and I had fully intended on repairing it before her birth, but she decided to arrive two weeks early. I finally got to it a year later.  Such is life with babies. I’m fairly pleased with how […]

Waldorf Doll

Here’s the Waldorf doll I made for The Girl for Christmas. I’m very proud of her because this is only the second Waldorf doll I’ve ever made, and she is from my very own pattern.  The first Waldorf doll I made was for The Boy’s second birthday and it was a very challenging project for […]

The Monkey Family Holiday Card

For the past three years I’ve drawn a simple little portrait of my family for our holiday card.  The first year I actually hand painted each one with watercolors.  It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us, and people start asking me in November if I’m going to make our cards again.  Looks like I’ll […]

Waste Not Want Not, or Ancho Beef Stew

I wanted to make a stick-to-the-ribs meal for another really cold day.  I bought some lovely beef stew meat at the healthy store, not really knowing what I’d do with it.  Looking at several cookbooks, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat that night, or that I had the ingredients for. I am really […]

New Playsilks

Here are the new playsilks I made for the kids for Christmas.  This is our second set.  I dyed the first set of silks with that cheap drugstore dye, and they turned out okay.  These I dyed with an old easter egg dye kit I had, and I love the colors!  I also prewashed the […]

At Least the Kitchen is Warm

Winter finally found its way here to The South.  I have so few opportunities to cook cold weather food and I love it when I can.  My oven has been going a lot in the last few days: banana bread, pumpkin custard, granola, and roasted chicken. I love roasted chicken and I would eat it […]

On Knitting

What is is about the cold weather that makes people around the globe reach for two sticks and a ball of yarn?  There is really nothing better than cozying up on the couch under a warm quilt with some knitting and a cup of hot tea.  And I’m sure this is where I’ll be tonight […]

Love Birds

Decorating for Valentine’s Day seems somewhat silly until you have kids.  Marking the passage of time and seasons by celebrating as many holidays as possible is both fun and important in the lives of children. I wanted to make stuffed bird ornaments for Christmas, but all of my crafting time was spent making gifts for […]

The Roman

Dress up is big in our house.  The Boy always has some sort of outfit on, and it usually changes several times daily.  I’ve been known to take him to the store dressed as a knight, robot, astronaut, or whomever he happens to be that day. I don’t remember where The Boy’s love of Romans […]

Happy Birthday, Little Girl

The Girl’s first birthday party was this weekend.  I know she had no idea it was her birthday, but the party was more for us than her.  We really wanted to celebrate the birth of our daughter since we weren’t really able to when she was born.  I invited family and a few close friends. […]