New Playsilks

Here are the new playsilks I made for the kids for Christmas.  This is our second set.  I dyed the first set of silks with that cheap drugstore dye, and they turned out okay.  These I dyed with an old easter egg dye kit I had, and I love the colors!  I also prewashed the silks before dying them this time, and the dye took so much better.

The Boy actually wore out the old set of silks.  They were stained, torn, and well loved.  I think of all our toys, the playsilks get used the most.  It makes me feel good to see The Boy playing with something that’s not plastic.  They appeal to my Waldorf tendencies, and The Boy loves them even though he rejects every Waldorf toy I give him.  The Girl already loves them too.  They are great for peekaboo, and a pleasure just to touch, hold, and wear.

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