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Gingerbread House 2010

I know it’s a bit late to be posting photos of the gingerbread house, but since I shared the the last two here, it seemed only fitting that this one be recognized as well. This year I had real help from The Girl.  The Boy did help a bit, then wandered off to build Lego. […]

The Northern Light

I don’t think I’ve been shy about my love for New York.  I suppose it’s because everything is so different from Florida, even the sunlight.  While we were visiting last month, I finally had the pleasure to become acquainted with Northern sunlight.  I never really quite understood what all the fuss is about, having lived […]

Snow, Rocks, and Naked Trees

For this Florida girl, the snow was quite a sight.  It started to snow in the afternoon on Boxing Day, and was still coming down when I went to bed at 10 p.m.  I just couldn’t get enough of it.  The Daddy caught me staring out the window more times than I could count.  Didn’t […]


There’s not alot of it, but there’s certainly enough to experience it. Sadly, the snow did not taste like sugar, as the children were expecting. Not enough for snow angels, but he sure did try. The weather forecast says we may get some more snow early next week, and we are really hoping it happens!

Monkeys on the Road!

Since our children have never seen snow (and The Daddy Monkey and I haven’t seen it in thirty years) we decided to take them to New York for Christmas.  Everyone said that we would probably not see snow this early in winter, but we were optimistic. We saw our first snow in Virginia, and it […]

Mood Fabrics NYC

I don’t even recall how I ever first heard about Mood Fabrics, but whenever I mentioned to someone that I was going to be visiting there while in New York, they always replied, “That’s the place in Project Runway!” Well, I’ve never seen Project Runway, but I can say now that I understand why they […]

My New Second Home: Purl Soho

Well, thank you for humoring me and looking at my NY snapshots.  Now let’s get down to what everyone really wants to see: my fabric shopping expeditions. I dragged the entire family to Purl Soho for some glorious fiber love, and was it ever worth it.  That place is amazing.  Beautiful white walls, well-lit, and […]

Snapshots of NYC

It was a great trip.  Our first big family vacation as a family of four.  It had its challenges, but overall I’m glad we did it.  Here are a few choice photos of some New York flavor. The skyline of Manhattan, as we saw it on the way from the airport.  This photo doesn’t even […]