Archives for the Month of July, 2009

Pink, Pink

I’ve been really tired in the evenings lately, and that means less time spent sewing and more time sitting on the couch and knitting.  I’m feeling a little burned out on socks right now, and who wants to knit with wool when it’s so hot outside?  So I decided to start a fall sweater for […]

A Magical Beach Day

We met the usual group of friends at the beach on Saturday evening for a dinnertime picnic and swim.  We all fell into a nice rhythm of sitting and swimming, so the kids were never without an adult in the water, and there was plenty of adult conversation on the beach.  We ate.  We sipped […]

Meditation Beads

Many different faiths use a set of beads for prayer or meditation.  I’ve always loved this idea, but never felt connected enough to any of these faiths to use a rosary, mala, or misbaha. Last night my New Moon Sisters and I gathered to celebrate the New Moon in Cancer, which coincided with a total […]

Pajamas for The Boy

I bought this fabric while The Boy was still in my belly because I just knew he was going to be a boy.  I always wanted to make a shirt out of it for him, but never got around to it.  Since he is now rather particular about what he will wear, (how did that […]

Obi Belt

Here’s a little belt I whipped up on Sunday to wear to a fancy affair I was invited to.  I bought the dress at the Goodwill last month because I loved the 50’s-style cut of it, the color, and the fabric, but it was too baggy in the torso, so I made the belt to […]

The Morning Tea

At the beginning of this year, I set the intention to start achieving more balance in my life. As part of my recent epiphany to start taking care of myself, I am have been newly committed to the concept of balance. I used to drink way too much coffee.  I gave it up years ago, […]

A New Top for The Girl

Here’s a little top I made for The Girl.  I’m pretty proud of it because I drafted the pattern myself.  It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s pretty close.  I plan on making a ton of these for her at some point. The fabric is from my vintage sheet collection.

We Are Still Alive

We all had the flu last week.  Let me just say that you haven’t fully experienced the flu until you have four people in your house sick at once. We managed to shake it off just in time for our Thursday beach day.  And let me say that the sea air, the salty water, and […]

Two Baby Slings

This week I spent my Sunday sewing time finishing up two baby slings.  They are for my brother and his wife, who just had a baby girl in May, and my cousin and his wife, who are expecting a baby boy. I love to sew for babies.   Whenever I sew a baby sling, I […]

Somewhere I Lost My Way

Shortly before I became a mother, I felt like I was finally getting my act together.  I was happy, healthy, in the best physical shape of my life, and I was emotionally and spiritually fulfilled. Then The Boy was born.  Taking care of a very high-need baby who turned in to a very high-need boy […]