The Morning Tea

At the beginning of this year, I set the intention to start achieving more balance in my life. As part of my recent epiphany to start taking care of myself, I am have been newly committed to the concept of balance.

I used to drink way too much coffee.  I gave it up years ago, and have managed to get through two babies without it.

But lately I have been having difficulty waking up.  Perhaps it’s because The Girl is now waking up when it’s still dark outside.  But I’ll admit, I love being up early, and even though I am having a little difficulty adjusting, I’m glad.  I make a snack for The Girl, pull out my yoga mat, and get some yoga time while the house is still and quiet.  She has already learned to not climb on me while I am trying to practice, but she loves to sit on the mat and try to copy what I am doing.  I can usually manage about half an hour of yoga before the rest of the house begins to move around and make its demands of me.

After my practice, I make a small cup of Jasmine tea.  Its heady, perfumey aroma is intoxicating, and I absolutely adore its delicate taste.  The caffeine “buzz” is far more gentle than a cup of coffee.  I am hooked, in more ways than one.  So yes, a little caffeine is okay for me, I think.

I try to carry forth into my day these quiet moments of the morning:  a sweet little girl whose first words every morning are “eat, eat,” a yoga mat, and a heavenly cup of tea sipped slowly and mindfully.

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  1. mama bird writes:

    Oh, how I love Jasmine tea! Your new morning routine sounds wonderful. My girl gets up while it’s still dark too; I hadn’t thought about using those still moments for yoga (which I dearly miss). I’m inspired to try it.

  2. Maggie writes:


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