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Tomato Fest 2011

I spent the past weekend processing the 73 pounds of tomatoes I picked on Friday, and it was exhausting work.  But now I have thirteen quarts of canned tomatoes, five pints of frozen oil-packed oven roasted tomatoes, thirteen pints of tomato chutney, and six pints of tomato jam.  Whew!  That’s a lot of chutney?  Do […]

The Sandwich That Changed My Life

Oh hello there.  I’ve missed you.  I am still here. We went tomato picking at our local farm today.  One dollar for a full plastic bag.  That equates to about 14 pounds of tomatoes for a dollar.  How could I pass that up?! I spent a total of five dollars on 73 pounds of tomatoes, […]

Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to receive some lovely homegrown navel oranges fresh from my mother’s tree.  One of the perks of living in Florida!  I used Ashley English’s recipe for Orange Vanilla Marmalade, and after tasting the first bite of marmalade, I found myself directly in the kitchen chopping oranges for a […]

The Emotions of Strawberry Picking

Yesterday, we decided to join our friends on their yearly visit to the local farm for u-pick strawberries.  I think I can safely declare that it is indeed Spring, even if the calendar says otherwise. It was a glorious day with temperatures is the mid 70’s!  (Northern friends, you won’t be hating me so much […]

Pickle Fest ’09

Once upon a time many years ago, my mom made homemade pickles.  They blew me away and I’ve been wanting them ever since.  I’ve been on a quest for decent pickles for a while now, to no avail.  Why do the pickles at the store have to have preservatives in them?  Isn’t the fact that […]