Orange Vanilla Marmalade

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to receive some lovely homegrown navel oranges fresh from my mother’s tree.  One of the perks of living in Florida!  I used Ashley English’s recipe for Orange Vanilla Marmalade, and after tasting the first bite of marmalade, I found myself directly in the kitchen chopping oranges for a second batch.

This was my first time making marmalade, and while the concept is the same as jam, there is much more chopping and cooking involved.  This recipe calls for no added pectin, so you actually have to make sure your jam will set once it’s cool.  It was completely worth the effort, and I’m sure this will become a yearly tradition.

I followed the recipe exactly, substituting Nielsen -Massey’s vanilla paste for the whole beans since the whole beans were so terribly expensive.  It turned out to be quite cost effective this way because the jar provided enough for two batches of marmalade, and I have more vanilla paste to use elsewhere.  I used two tablespoons of the paste on the first batch and three tablespoons on the second.

It’s also nice to have the help of a dog named Milo while making marmalade.  Hard to believe I was wearing wool socks just a few weeks ago.

The marmalade is not too sweet, with a nice “bite” that I like for marmalade.  The vanilla provides a nice background flavor for the tangy citrus punch that marmalade is known for.

I recommend it on toast with cream cheese, but it’s also good this way….

…straight off the spoon.

5 Responses to “Orange Vanilla Marmalade”

  1. Islay writes:

    Ooh, I’ve made marmalade a lot of different ways, but never vanilla. I’ll have to try to remember that for next January’s batch of oranges!

  2. MamaBird writes:

    I better get on this… I’ve still seen some local oranges at the market. But the clock is ticking. If I miss it, perhaps you’ll have me over for toast one day?!

  3. Teresa writes:

    That looks so yummy…and it reminds me of my Daddy…he loved marmalade…

  4. Tammy writes:

    I LOVE adding vanilla to jams and marmalades. Right up there with adding pepper…

  5. 6512 and growing writes:

    My California friend made us some orange marmalade from her backyard trees. Even though we finished it 4 months ago, I’m still dreaming about it.
    What a treat, and what gorgeous pictures.

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