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On Handkerchiefs

My mother was driving down her street and passed a few boxes that had been set on the curb.  It seems the occupant of the house had passed on and the house was being readied for sale.  My mother, unable to pass a promising looking trash pile, and knowing my love for vintage linens (and […]

Vintage Sewing

The Daddy Monkey gave me the most gorgeous vintage sewing box for Mother’s Day this year.  I love it so much.  Much better than the messy basket-with-everything-shoved-in-it system.  Ahem. Have I mentioned before that he is awesome?  He is. And what better to put in the box, than two great thrifted sewing stashes? I found […]

Happy Birthday, Part 2

Here’s some more crafty goodness from The Girl’s birthday. The spring bunting became happy birthday bunting with the addition of a few new letters. The bendy dolls I made for The Girl’s new dollhouse.  These took So. Long. To. Make. Beautiful thrifted oak caddy for her art supplies.  When she wants to use it she […]

Doll and Cradle for The Girl

When I was pregnant with The Girl, I bought this wooden doll cradle at the Goodwill for $5, because I was so convinced that she was a girl.  This month, I finally pulled it out of storage and it was a mess.  It had nails sticking out of it, and it was spotted with paint […]

Organization at Last

Remember that day I went in search for shelves for my fabric stash and came home with a ton of yarn?  Well, the score somehow made my storage problem worse, not better, and I have been scouring the thrifts ever since.  Believe me, the irony of that is not lost on me. Last Thursday I […]

The Day the Yarn Gods Smiled Upon Me

We had a lovely rainy Saturday.  After The Girl and I had a nap, I decided to head over to the Goodwill to look for some desperately needed clothes, and some new shelves for my fabric stash.  I did not find any clothes or shelves, but I did stumble upon the mother lode of yarn […]

Le Creuset I Love You!

I found this incredible Le Creuset pan at the Goodwill for $6!!  I nearly had a heart attack when I found it.  I don’t know how much it cost originally because I’m unable to find it online, but these pans are not cheap.  Who would give this to the Goodwill?! Before I had this pan, […]

Adorable Dresses

Two insanely cute vintage dresses for The Girl for $1 each!  The one on the left is handmade. I love the little chicken on the jumper on the right.  I’m thinking I could make something similar.  But without a chicken.  Maybe an elephant or something.  Would be pretty easy, it just buttons up the side. […]

The New Dishwasher

Our dishwasher finally went kaput.  It’s been on the fritz for months, and to be honest, it has never worked right in the few years we’ve had it.  It did the worst job washing dishes, as opposed to our old one which would wash anything.  I swear you could put a whole chicken in there […]

Spring Quilt Progress

Here’s what the Spring quilt looks like these days.  I am halfway through piecing the top.  Did I mention that it is going to be king size?  The thing is huge already. I had to take a little break from it because I started getting really sick of it.  I always get to that point […]