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Yesterday’s Progress

Here is what raw determination will get you in just one day.

I Painted Today

This was the scene in my dining room today.  While The Girl napped, I painted for the first time since I found out I was pregnant with her, over three years ago.  This is the painting I had to stop working on, and it has hung in my kitchen, unfinished, for three years. I hardly […]

Random Thoughts and a Late Summer Dinner

I’ve been off the computer lately.  Trying to be anyway.  I see what a huge timesuck it can be for me, so sometimes I try to take a step back from it when I see I am turning it on too many times a day.  It feels good.  So there’s been a lot of time […]

Yet Another Quilt

I went in for this: And came out with this: Meet the new Fall quilt.  Mostly from the fabric store, some from my stash.  Solids in purple, brown, tan and gray.  Corduroy, velvet, sateen and broadcloth, all in cotton, linen and silk. I know, I know.  I’m insane.  But at least I just discovered that […]

Happy Thursday

The Boy had been asking for a party for several days in a row, so I decided to oblige him.  I had exactly six cupcakes in the freezer, so we invited four friends. Everyone got a candle to blow out. I made a fruit salad and put out a bowl of pretzels.  I blew up […]

Beeswax Candles

Have you made beeswax candles yet?  You should. They are so easy to make. They are all-natural.  They are cheaper than buying beeswax candles. And they smell positively divine.

The Promise of a New Journal

I’ve been feeling a bit mixed up lately.  Lots of Big Thoughts going through my head.  Thoughts about home, life, children, education, religion.  You know, the little things. Sometimes when I feel a bit scrambled and need to think or just vent, I reach for my journal.  Only this time I pulled out my journal […]

Lunch Today

A delicious lunch for one today.  Tofu, spring roll, and peanut sauce.  All home made.  Delicious. Sometimes I love to eat alone.

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend

Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting a collection of quilts from The Gee’s Bend Collective, right in my very own town!  The Snail clued me in, and we decided to meet there (without kids!) for some mutual inspiration and adult company.  What a joy it was. The show was small, only ten […]