Yet Another Quilt

I went in for this:

And came out with this:

Meet the new Fall quilt.  Mostly from the fabric store, some from my stash.  Solids in purple, brown, tan and gray.  Corduroy, velvet, sateen and broadcloth, all in cotton, linen and silk.

I know, I know.  I’m insane.  But at least I just discovered that this is not a new phenomenon.

Let’s not speak of the other unfinished quilts. This made me do it.  I’ve had quilting on the brain ever since.

And this one’s going to be done lickety-split, I swear.  Just in time for fall.

5 Responses to “Yet Another Quilt”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    Oooooh, what a lovely palette. I see a quilt-a-thon in our future. Your wine or mine?

  2. maggie writes:

    I love the passion for creating!

  3. Tammy writes:

    Okay, because I amtoo lazy to research this myself, would you be willing to explain how one successfully sews together pieces of such different weight and texture? I’ve been wanting to make quilts of the kids’ earliest, cutest clothes since they wore them…If you had to recommend a good beginner quilting book, what would you come up with?

  4. Dree writes:

    That happened to me just yesterday! I came out with a quilt, fabric for a skirt, and 1.33 yards of the muslin I went in for.(Note: I have actually used the muslin I went in for, having shortened and lined and rehung my son’s bamboo blinds today. This makes it ok, right?)

  5. MamaBird writes:

    Gorgeous colors & textures. Like a new dress for a new room!

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