Archives for the Month of June, 2011


I made these quills today for a birthday party we will be attending this weekend.  Nothing like waking up one morning, deciding to make quills, then watching a few videos, raiding the craft stash for feathers, and then making them.  All in the span of about an hour.

making me happy

Homemade organic blueberry jam. Our new veggie patch, which is still a work in progress. My first ever visit to the feed store. So much fun! Reading, reading, reading. Knitting this sweater.  For me. Clouds. Flame vine in full bloom, and full of bees. Baking gluten free chocolate chip coconut donuts for my (almost) seven […]

the owl

Yesterday, as the Daddy Monkey was tucking the kids into bed, I stepped into our back yard to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the three small owls that have appeared every evening for the past few weeks. Each night at dusk, they call to each other, fly from tree to tree, and eat […]

White on White

A few years ago, The Daddy Monkey and I moved into the smallest of our home’s bedrooms, the room that was once The Boy’s nursery.  When we had to switch bedrooms around years ago, we found ourselves hastily moving into a periwinkle blue room.  Years later, the same art and belly casts still hung on […]

a good weekend

Yet another beach photo.  But–it is a photo of a different beach.  I love that my children get to know all of the beaches in our area.  They always want to know which one we are going to, and each has its own perks.  This one happens to be the closest to our home.  We […]


Straight from the herb garden to tonight’s pizza.  Grown from seed. Such satisfaction in these tiny things. Happy weekend, friends.

Embracing Summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is already upon us.  In some ways (the culinary ones), I am delighted that summer has arrived.  Temperatures in the mid-90’s make me not so glad that summer has arrived. It’s about this time of year that I begin to get twitchy, thinking about how much worse the heat […]