White on White

A few years ago, The Daddy Monkey and I moved into the smallest of our home’s bedrooms, the room that was once The Boy’s nursery.  When we had to switch bedrooms around years ago, we found ourselves hastily moving into a periwinkle blue room.  Years later, the same art and belly casts still hung on the wall.  It was time for a serious update.

While I tend to like a lot of color when it comes to interiors, the mama in me yearned for a pale, neutral, adult space.  I painted the room a pale, pale gray.  And ten weeks ago, I began sewing a new quilt to replace our old one which was in sad shape.

Here it is at last.  I had the idea for this quilt years ago, as The Snail and I browsed the local quilting shop.  Several years later, and after ten weeks of stitching, it’s on my bed.

I wanted this quilt to be all about texture.  I think the all-white theme does a good job in keeping the quilt and all its doily-ness from being too cutesy.  I raided my stash for most of the fabric, and I would say I spent only about $40 on extra batting, a few new pieces of fabric, and the doilies. The top was pieced in a quilt-as-you go method that can be found in the book Patchwork Style by Suzuko Koseki.  I completely improvised the design as I went along.   The back is made of a king size sheet I found at a thrift shop, with a small strip pieced in to give it the length I needed.

I really love how the white quilt makes this tiny bedroom look a bit bigger.

I still need art for the walls and I can’t decide what direction I want to go on that–if I want to keep it neutral, or go for some color.  But for now, it’s a haven for my tired eyes and body at the end of the day.  A space just for me.

6 Responses to “White on White”

  1. Becky writes:

    beautiful! so calming…..

  2. bloody frida writes:

    There is nothing more beautiful and serene than a white-on-white quilt!

  3. kangaroo writes:

    WOW. I am so. impressed. It is just beautiful and I REALLY want to inspect it in person–I need another quilt-as-you-go refresher, the improv piecing you did REALLY appeals to me. The plain circles really modernize those sweet doilies too–and that striped fabric?? LOVE THIS Rose. You have outdone yourself, once again, my muse.

  4. MamaBird writes:

    So beautiful! You know I love that white on white with a grey background. I know it’s your space and all, but I see art & decor that reflects the serentiy of our local beaches… a jar of collected feathers, a bowl of seashells, a painting of the creamy white sand kissing the cystal blue waters, a piece of driftwood sitting on a shelf. And maybe a few turquoise-blue pillows thrown in.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Maggie writes:

    I tell you what, this woman knows how to make one fine quilt! She made me one for my wedding and it is one of my very most favorite things! Enjoy Rose, it is beautiful! I am so glad you have one for yourself.

  6. rebecca writes:

    beautiful and calming….what a fantastic job you’ve done!

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