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I’ve always been a bit of a fiber junkie. I love it all: thread, fabric and yarn. I tried my hand at spinning back in 2010, but I just didn’t have the time to devote to it, and it got pushed to the “someday” file. One day recently I was ordering some wool batting for […]


Nearly a month ago, I excitedly posted about the yarn that I had spun. The lovely Erin over at exhale. return to center, whom I am honored to call my friend, saw my post and offered me some wool.  How on earth could I say no?! Not long after our email exchange, this package arrived […]


I’ve been wanting to try my hand at spinning for so long.  I finally found the inspiration I needed in the video Renate Hiller’s On Handwork.  If you have not seen this, please do yourself a favor and watch the four and a half minute video.  It is gorgeous.  How amazing it is to try […]