Archives for the Month of November, 2009

Thanksgiving Cooking

Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Although I’m aware that it’s a bit late to be sharing my recipe for cranberry sauce, you can really make this year-round, if you have cranberries in your freezer.  Now is the time to stock up! This cranberry sauce is absolutely perfect, if I may say so […]

Christmas is Coming

I was so proud of myself for getting the Halloween costumes done with time to spare that I vowed then and there to have all of my Christmas preparations done early as well.  I set myself the goal to have all of my shopping, wrapping, mailing and crafting done by the end of November.  I […]

On Frustration (Again) and Mindfulness

Like every other Mama I know, I have been feeling overwhelmed.  I remember when The Boy was born, I thought that the craziness would end someday when he was no longer an infant, and I would be left with calmness and stability.  But now I realize that life with children is just chaos.  All the […]