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Loving :: Fantastic Mr. Fox

It’s pretty rare that The Boy, The Girl, and I can agree on anything, but we are all so in love with Fantastic Mr. Fox. What’s not to love about a clever fox who outwits not one but three farmers and manages to constantly stay one step ahead of them? I cannot believe I never […]

Chicken With Tomatoes and Lime

With tomatoes and fresh herbs being gorgeous and cheap at the farmer’s market right now, I’ve been making this dish quite a lot lately.  The inspiration came from Jamie’s Dinners by Jamie Oliver, which The Daddy Monkey gave me for my birthday.  I’m sure his reasons for giving me a cookbook filled with gorgeous food […]

My New Found Love: Natalie Chanin

I know I’m way late on this, but I am totally in love with Natalie Chanin, and her company, Alabama Chanin.  The Daddy Monkey gave me The Alabama Stitch Book for my birthday, and it is such a beautiful and inspiring book.  I love the fact that she left New York City, and then Europe, […]