It’s Almost Monday

The Boy starts kindergarten on Monday.  He has been home with me for the past five years.  As much as I have joked about leaving skid marks in the parking lot on my way out, and the fact that we are both ready to have some time apart, I am actually getting a little sad about it.  I am worried about how it will go for him.  And maybe I’m just a little tiny bit afraid to let go.

So what’s a mama to do when she worries about her baby?


When I am worried, stressed, anxiety-ridden or angry, I know I can turn to some cooking or sewing to take my mind off my troubles.  Busying my hands and mind takes my mind off my troubles while allowing me the space to work through it.  And I’ve been sewing up a storm.

I’ve started working on the quilt for The Girl’s big girl bed.

In the meantime, I whipped up this rocking chair cushion.  I was close to finishing it in one night when I had to go to bed.

We have been packing this last week before school starts with many fun activities with our friends.  And this has left me exhausted.  So the projects sit on my ironing board, unfinished.

But even though that nervous energy and the worry remain, I do feel a little bit better.

3 Responses to “It’s Almost Monday”

  1. Becky writes:

    good luck on Monday. What a big day! I remember getting back to the car and crying after I left her in her Kindergarden class. Mind you she had none…. she was completely excited and never looked back. I’ll be leaving my boys for their first day of pre-school on Monday and am actually starting to get a little sad as well. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Maggie writes:

    You will find your inner Mama strength. It is bittersweet and I know your boy will have a great adventure in kindergarten….I watched him beautifully integrate yesterday. You have done a fine job of Mothering him and it shows. Take a deep, deep breath as those tears flow… will be a huge day for all of you!

  3. kate writes:

    what a beautiful creation to send off a beautiful creation. school can give so much to kids, opening up worlds upon worlds. congratulations to both of you for getting this far!

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