The Hope of New Clothes

Back before I had kids, I used to dress in cute funky outfits, wear nail polish, and sleep late.  These days I’m lucky if the clothes I’m wearing actually fit, there isn’t dirt under my fingernails, and I get to sleep three hours in a row.

I used to sew almost all of my clothes, and I loved the fact that I was the only person in the world with clothes like mine.  I’ve been know to find a pattern I like and then sew it over and over again.  In the years since becoming a mother, I have been occasionally buying patterns when they are on sale, thinking I’ll just whip up a few little skirts (or whatever) in my spare time.  This pattern buying is merely wishful thinking.  The patterns will sit on my desk and I will look at them and daydream about what to make, but I never actually get around to doing it.  Eventually I just throw them in the box with the others and forget about them.  Every once in a while I might start something but rarely do I finish it.  A big part of the problem is that I get myself all excited and motivated to make something, but then I guilt myself out of it.  I think, well, I’ll just do this chore first, or I should really be doing the mending instead.

Welcome to my new Guilt-Free Sewing Zone.  No longer will I wear ill-fitting, drab clothes.  Cue the trumpets!  I actually managed to use one of those patterns this weekend!

On Saturday, Joann’s had McCall’s patterns on sale and I wanted to go pick up a few.  After a very long day of working hard in the yard, I put The Girl to bed and ran out the door unshowered.  I thought I would just grab the patterns and dash back home.  But a trip to the fabric store alone, without children, is a delight to be savored, even when you are dirty and exhausted.

I picked up my patterns and browsed the fabric looking for something to make my skirts with.  The whole front of the store is an ocean of polyester; does anyone actually buy that stuff?  Near the back, I find my beloved calicoes-a rainbow of lightweight 100% cotton fabrics.  This is usually what I make clothes out of because it’s cheap and comfortable.

Sometimes Joann’s really surprises me.  I’d say over the last year they have really improved their selection of calicoes, and I can almost always find something I like.  This time I picked up three pieces of fabric, three patterns, two packages of ric-rac, and a pack of magnetic snaps. I plan on making skirts with the fabric, using the ric rac on dresses for The Girl, and using the snaps on one of these purses, which I am dying to make. I bought the suit pattern because it is so swanky and awesome.  I have admired it so many times, I figured I’d better buy it before it goes out of print. I love the swing jacket, and the very Audrey-Hepburn-ness of the sheath dress.  So chic.  I may never have the occasion to make or wear such and outfit, but if I ever do, I will be ready.

Since my newly organized sewing space has greatly increased my productivity, I decided to take the plunge on Sunday morning and I started on a 70’s style wrap skirt with the navy colorway in the middle of the photo above.  It’s nearly finished.  All I have to do is sew the button holes and stitch on the buttons and it’s ready to wear.  I am so making a million of these things.

6 Responses to “The Hope of New Clothes”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    LOVE your new header!

    If you can make a perfect Roman gladiator suit, complete with abdominal muscular embellishment, I can only imagine how cute these skirts will be. And I totally agree on the Joann’s tip–HUGE improvement recently. Or maybe we just get to go there on such rare occasion that the fabric actually looks better, like after you’ve had one too many at a bar…

  2. mama bird writes:

    Oh, I am so happy for you. You deserve skirts (and more) in fun & funky fabrics like these! Sooo much better than Old Navy. Congratulations on taking care of yourself, mama!

  3. Maggie writes:

    yea for you!!! How much FUN!

  4. Becky writes:

    I love your fabric selections. You were so meant to have a little girl. Mine is almost 8 and she would be in heaven around you and all your creativity. You are my inspiration to find more time for myself in this chaos I call home.

  5. almentzer writes:

    I like the look of your skirt and would love to know what pattern you used. Could you please post more info?

  6. admin writes:

    Almentzer: The skirt I make the most is a basic wrap skirt with a button closure rather than ties.

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