Countdown to Easter

I’ve already said how much I love Spring and Easter.  I’ve been really looking forward to this weekend and the holiday.  The Boy has always loved Easter and all its festivities, and The Girl is interested participating in whatever The Boy is doing.  I really hope Phase I of the Backyard Spruce-Up is done this weekend.  I’ve been working really hard out there and I envision a beautiful Spring day on Sunday, with our little family of four eating outdoors.

It’s been a really rough week over here, with both kids being sick at the same time.  I am doing really well at staying in the present moment and being very nurturing and patient.  I’m probably doing so well because I am not sick myself.  And I will not get sick.  So there, I said it.

We’ve been cooped up in the house for the majority of the week, and I’m am trying my hardest to keep everyone (including myself) happy.  Today we baked lemon cookies.

Yesterday we dyed eggs.  I have tried dying eggs with The Boy before and it always ends in disaster, similar to his painting projects.  This year it went well.  I was determined to not pack up two sick kids and drag them to the store for egg dye, and the only food coloring I could find was a package in the bathroom (for baths, of course!) containing two bottles of blue.  I rummaged around and found some really old gel food coloring I had from a Mexican sugar skull project two years ago.  I was determined to “make do” and I managed to mix up all of our colors from only red, yellow, and blue coloring.  The gels were pretty dried up and very pasty, so they wouldn’t really dissolve completely, no matter how much I stirred.  But I actually like the specked finish they made.

I’m looking forward to the Big Shop for the supplies for our Easter dinner.  I used to think of food shopping as a chore, but now I like it (well, as much as I can with two children in tow).  I plan on visiting my local health food store for a nitrite-free ham tomorrow, and then visiting The Farm on Saturday for some locally grown organic vegetables.

Here’s what my menu looks like:

Easter Dinner for Four at Chez Monkey

Smoked Salmon with Dill Cream Cheese on Crackers

Ham with Spiced Brown Sugar and Mustard Glaze

Pommes de Cosmo

Steamed Farm Fresh Asparagus

Lemon Cookies and Apple Crumble

Happy Easter to you!

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  1. mama bird writes:

    So sorry to hear the kids are sick. Looks like you are doing great making lemon cookies out of lemonade over there. Sending you much healing energy.

    Also, are you accepting reservations for al fresco dining at Chez Monkey? Yummm!

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