Sickness (Still)

The Boy’s sickness went from getting better to much worse, literally overnight.  He awoke at four yesterday morning, crying in pain.  Bravo to The Daddy Monkey for providing comfort while I nursed The Girl.  There is nothing worse to a parent than seeing your child suffer, and knowing there is nothing you can do except comfort them and wait.

A visit to the ear doctor confirmed our suspicions that it is indeed a very bad double ear infection.  So bad that the doctor actually mentioned that the eardrum could rupture.  I do not use medications of any kind lightly, but sometimes you have to call in the big dogs.

I’m doing pretty well considering that it’s been nearly two weeks of sickness around here.  In times like this I just have to surrender to the fact that I will get nothing done except take care of sick children.  That’s why the crafty projects have been a little thin around here.  I’m doing very little except sock knitting.

In the midst of taking care of a very sick boy and a busy toddler, I am grateful for…

…bathtub crayons, for providing entertainment during a cooling bath.

…a homemade quilt for providing warmth during a feverish nap.

…books to provide distraction and entertainment.

…a doctor who has a caring, generous, and playful soul, rather than that of a businessman.

…a husband who knows how to be nurturing.

Get well soon, my boy.

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