The Girl’s Easter Dress

I made The Girl’s Easter dress from some of my leftover thrifted vintage sheet fabric.  This was the second time I used McCall’s pattern 5083 and I’m not so sure I’ll be using it again.  I really like the simple shape of the dress, but the bindings on the neckband and arm holes are impossibly small and never come out right.  Perhaps if I just made the whole thing lined and nixed the binding it would work.

The dress came out cute regardless, and went together very quickly, which is good since I didn’t start it until Wednesday.  Yikes.  I also made the diaper wrap out of a thrifted wool sweater that I bought specifically for crafting.  It was way too small to fit me, so I stashed it away.  Made of 80% wool and 20% angora, it was incredibly soft.   The color matched the fabric perfectly and making the wrap saved me from having to make those little matching panties that cover the diaper.  Unfortunately the wrap was a little too short on the top, but it served its purpose and you can’t really see it under the dress anyway.

2 Responses to “The Girl’s Easter Dress”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    oh, it’s WAY cute. love that last picture. and your easter post was hilarious and touching and i’m glad it all turned out well!

  2. Maggie writes:

    What a beautiful dress you made for your daughter. That is so cool that you make her special things to wear!

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