I am trying to find the words to describe how I feel about these dolls. But let me start by saying there is a beautiful story that goes along with them.

A dear friend of mine suffered an unthinkable loss recently. The day the terrible tragedy happened, I could hardly sit still. I was overwhelmed with an unsettled feeling that would not go away. Heartbroken and shaken, I knew that the only thing that would bring me peace is working with my hands. Sometimes that might be cooking. Or cleaning. Or creating something. I needed to do something to help, when I felt completely powerless to do anything else.

My thought was that I would make two dolls, auction them off, and send the proceeds to the family.

And so I began making these dolls. Days later, as a testament to the amazing community that I live in, one of our own stepped up and decided to throw a fundraising benefit in the family’s honor. I volunteered to complete to dolls, to be sold in the silent auction.

I managed to pull it off, with a weekend of crunch-time at the end. And I am so pleased with the result. The blond doll absolutely stole my heart. Secretly, I wanted to keep her, but I knew that I wouldn’t. And I kept thinking to myself that her name was Lisa. No idea why, she just looks like a Lisa to me.

The Girl helped me choose fabrics for the dresses. It was hard for her to see me making dolls that, for the first time, were not going to her. And while I wasn’t able to give her the gift of a new doll, I was able to show her that when someone is hurting or in need of help, all we can do is what we do best. No matter what that that is.

The day of the fundraiser came, and we were a little late getting there. Before we left the house, I received a text message that the blond doll had already sold. The midwife who “caught” my first born (who has since become a close friend of mine) was at the fundraiser, and had asked for a “buy it now” option on the doll. And she bought it outright, for more than its estimated value.

I am over the moon thrilled that the doll went to her, for her own daughter. And thrilled that we were both able to help our friend in the process. The other doll went to another friend of mine–the organizer of the fundraiser.  Altogether, both dolls raised over $200, proving that truly, love conquers all.



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  1. Heidi writes:

    That little blondy is now named Winter, but goes by ‘Snowy’ because, according to the 4 year old, those are her intials. Such love in her creation, her gift, and between her and her new little mommy.


  2. Heidi writes:

    She is living a wonderful life, gets renamed each season, so after being Daffodil, and Summer at various turns, she is back to being called Winter. She is a special part of our life <3

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