New Fairies

Now that the holidays are over, I can show off some of the toys I made for the kids. Here are the fairies I made, to go with these from last year.  All of them get played with a lot, by both The Boy and The Girl. I won’t show you how last year’s look now.  They have held up well, but they have been played with hard. Somehow I find that very satisfying.  I also love how I find these little fairies in odd places all over the house.  It’s a nice surprise.

I’m very pleased with how these came out, and now that I’ve made quite a few, they are getting much easier to make.  They are so cute, I am always tempted to keep them for myself.

I mean, they would look cute on my desk.

5 Responses to “New Fairies”

  1. Becky writes:

    just love them! happy new year!

  2. MamaBird writes:

    Pure sweetness! You have a beautiful talent, my friend.

  3. maggie writes:

    Those fairies are just awesome in so many ways!

  4. Tammy writes:

    Um, yeah. Three for them, one for you. Love the wings, the clothes, the hats, the faces. Chapeau!

  5. Nilenna writes:

    Aww, they are beautiful! <3 ^^

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