The Word of the Year :: 2012

I’m here to talk about the Word of the Year, but first I think I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about these cinnamon rolls. On a whim, I made them for Christmas morning, then again for New Year’s Day (today).  They have changed my life, in a very bad way because now I am obsessed with cinnamon rolls.  I am determined to make an orange version, similar to those pop-the-tube-on-the-counter sweet rolls from my 80’s childhood.  I have however, taken a liking to the Swedish tradition of fika in the afternoon, with a cinnamon roll and a hot cup of tea.  Really, what could be better than that?

The holidays were nice, even though I experienced them through the fever-riddled haze of a sinus infection. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always my favorite time of the holidays.  Rather then feeling a big let-down, I tend to breathe a huge sigh of relief, as the pressure of the holidays seems to fade into a nice, slow, easy pace of nowhere to be and nothing to do. I love it. And this year I managed to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, something I haven’t managed to do since having the kids. It was fun staying up late drinking wine, listening to The Daddy Monkey play guitar, and visiting with an old, old friend who may as well just be family by now.

In a tradition I’ve borrowed from my dear friend The Bird, rather than making New Year’s resolutions, I tend to choose a simple word to live by for the year.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what my word of the year ought to be this year.  Many words rose to the occasion: lovingkindness, gratitude, and peace. But really, I think for me it’s going to be about simplicity this year.  Simple meals, simple home, and simple schedules.  Keep it simple.

In 2012, I’d like to spend more time in this space, but less time on the computer as a whole.  I’ve been away from this space for longer than I would like.  Sometimes life just gets away from me and I’m not quite sure how.  I also would like to enjoy cooking again.  My cooking has been so strained lately, I’d really like to see some joy come out of my kitchen again (see cinnamon rolls, above). I’d love to learn how to play an instrument. The ukulele to be specific. I love how it sounds, and everyone keeps telling me it’s easy, even though in my many attempts to learn an instrument over many years, music just doesn’t come easily to me. I’d also like to spend some more time sewing for myself.  Make some new clothes which would allow me to  simplify (!) my wardrobe. I’d like to get back to some of my old cameras, and play around with film photography again.  It’s an old love of mine, and I miss it.

2012 was a pretty good year for us. There were some struggles for sure, but overall, it was good. I’m looking forward to The Girl’s fourth birthday this month, getting back into the swing of our normal rhythm of school and life, and enjoying the unbelievably gorgeous Florida winter we’ve been having.

Life is good. Happy 2012.

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  1. MamaBird writes:

    First off, I look forward to trying those cinnamon rolls. Maybe we can have fika together one afternoon! Secondly, I really enjoyed reading about your word and intentions for the year to come. I want to SIMPLIFY too. Always striving for this. My word for 2012 is more of a theme: letting go. But of course, there’s things I want to “bring back” or “add in” as well! Journaling, gardening, creating with my girls, yoga, quality time with my friends (not just trying to fit in a phone call over demanding kids!)… Thank you for these words.

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