St. Nicholas Day

Another sweet and simple holiday–just how I like it.¬† Our celebration was very similar to last year’s. This year, St. Nicholas brought each child a golden nut, a tangerine, chocolate coins, a candy cane, a geode to break open, and a small wooden mushroom kaleidoscope. For The Girl, he brought a small wooden honey pot for her tea set, and for The Boy, he brought a tiny Lego set.

After celebrating the festivals for over a year now, I can see how the simplicity and the sameness from year to year really shines through.¬† It’s the resonance of the year’s passage and the comfort of the reliability and predictability that really makes celebrating the seasons so special.

2 Responses to “St. Nicholas Day”

  1. MamaBird writes:

    Lovely, as always. Thank you for sharing your festival celebrations with us, and inspiring us to join in.

  2. Amie @ Itsystitch writes:

    Such a sweet tradition. It makes me homesick! We moved to the Southwest, leaving behind my Dutch hometown in the Midwest. I sew miss our Wooden shoes at Tulip Time, and sewing Dutch costumes for my kids.

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