Well, even though the winter holidays are nearly upon us, I wanted to share a few snaps of our Autumn.  We had a nice Martinmas, even though we headed out a bit too late and The Girl was a bit scared by the complete darkness of the woods around us.  It was still a delightful and magical evening.

And here’s how our nature table looked before I cleared it off for Advent.

Even though I felt like I was well prepared for the holiday season, it sort of crept up on me!  But vowing to do less every year has really taken the stress out of the holiday.  We are going to wrap up school this week, and get down to some serious crafting and baking in the weeks to come.  I’m really looking forward to it!

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  1. MamaBird writes:

    Oh, LOOK at those Blue Jay feathers! Where did they come from. And is the bird OK? :-) Beautiful table, mama.

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