halloween 2012

Dress-up is pretty big in this house. I think the reason I go through all the trouble of making halloween costumes, is that I know I will see them in action for months, maybe years to come. I didn’t get as early a start on costumes as I usually do, but I managed to pull it off. Not that I was finishing up the princess hat the night before trick-or-treating. No, not all.

The Girl chose to be a princess for the second year running.¬† I swear that the whole princess thing must be genetic because we are a princess-free home. Mostly she wants to wear a pretty dress. And that I can understand. In her words, she wanted to be “a yellow princess with a pointy hat.” I used the same pattern as last year, Simplicity 2569, with some modifications.

The Boy chose to be a samurai. Sheesh, way to make it easy on me. So I made it into a homeschool project and we spent time reading about samurai and researching their costumes. It turned into a pretty fun project. I made the armor out of upholstery vinyl, in a similar method to the Roman armor I made years ago.  The vinyl is not the most fun thing to sew, but I did all right. The helmet and sword were from our dress-up, the belt was thrifted, and the pants and shirt were purchased. He was really happy with it, which made it all worthwhile.

This was our second year staying close to home for trick-or-treating, and it was really sweet and fun. And now, we have some fun new additions to our dress up bin!

Here’s our silly jack-o-lantern! The kids couldn’t agree upon one design, so we combined them both! The Boy wanted “something really scary” and The Girl fancies a more classic approach. Next year, we’ll have to buy two pumpkins, for sure.

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  1. saraelise writes:

    Oscar gravitated to the screen and really loves the boy’s costume. They both look great!

  2. TheSwedeLife/ Heidi writes:

    Oh my gosh, awesome as I would have expected. Sorry to have not seen them in person, really great! Your boy looks so awesome, so well done, and the princess of flawless!!!

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