chicken weather is here

As I type this, it is 64 degrees outside. I know my Northern friends might laugh at that, but for those of us in the South, it is nice and chilly. I am not complaining one little bit. And it’s supposed to get down to 53 tonight! I have my wool socks on and my slippers, and I can’t wait to slip into my flannel jammies.¬† It’s actually feeling like fall, and I couldn’t be happier. The windows in our house have been flung open and we are enjoying the outdoors once again. The relief that summer is over is being felt throughout our home.

We’re in hibernation mode over here, after having 66 guests at our home this weekend for our big Dia de los Muertos bash. We are gearing up for Martinmas (how is that even possible?!) and cozying up with some knitting and dreams of New York and Christmas.

Few things in this world make me as happy as a roasted chicken. As Julia Child said, “The real test of a good chef is a perfectly roasted chicken.” I couldn’t agree more. I see my days ahead filled with chicken and dumplings, chicken soup, chicken and rice, chicken sandwiches….

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