Once again, I was pretty proud of myself for getting the kids’ Halloween costumes done ahead of time.  I love making the costumes for the kids (I always did fantasize about being a costume designer), and the key to doing it stress-free, is starting very early.

Much to my chagrin, The Girl chose to be a princess.  Specifically, “a princess with a fluffy blue dress.” While I don’t especially subscribe to the whole princess thing, I can surely understand my girl’s desire to wear a big beautiful dress. Despite the trickiness of all those layers of tulle, the dress went together pretty easily after just a week’s sewing.  I used Simplicity 2569, even though I had to combine several of the designs to get what she wanted. The crown is the same as these.

The Boy chose to be The Dragon King.  His favorite fantasy character at this time, The Dragon King does not hurt the dragons, but rather he communicates with them.  He is their friend.  We re-used the cape and shirt from this costume, so all I had to make was the vest.  You can’t really tell, but the vest fabric is printed with reptile scales.

This was the first year we took the kids trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood, and we had a great time!  There was much grumbling at first, but once the kids saw how much candy they had, they began to really enjoy themselves!  It was a very sweet and easy Halloween, quietly celebrated by our little family of four.

2 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. TheSwedeLife writes:

    Great pics of the kids costumes, captures it well, magical!

  2. saraelise writes:

    I love that The Boy was a Dragon King! Oscar told everyone he came in contact with that he was actually a Dragon Knight not just a knight and that dragon knights ride dragons they don’t hurt them. :)
    Oh, and your princess looks adorable! I really like that she wore blue instead of pink.

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