White Apron and Pie

I made this apron from a beautiful white pillowcase.  The pillowcase is an odd size, it must have been a huge throw pillow or something.

I really like the apron, and I look forward to wearing it when I cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family.  It will be the first time I’ve had the whole family over since before having the kids.  I’m looking forward to it.

For Thanksgiving, I’m planning to make and freeze some pies and rolls.  I used to freeze dough in pre-shaped roll-sized balls.  Why don’t I do that anymore? Also thinking of freeezable side dishes.  Ideas?

I’m working on perfecting my pie crust, now that I finally have a real pie plate.  I’ve been making pies in a cake pan.  I’ve never been very good at pie making, so lots of pies are in my future.  I know, poor me.

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  1. Tammy writes:

    I have a couple of pillows in that size, believe it or not that case is for a feather pillow. Because they aren’t overstuffed, they get folded in half when used sometimes. From Germany, if I recall correctly. The kids use them…

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