Thrift Scores

I’ve had great luck at my local thrift shops lately.  Here are a few of my favorite finds.

This is the sort of find I dream about.  These four napkins are brand new, still crisp and unstained.  I think I will make something out of them because I love the fabric too much to wipe my messy mouth on it.

The same day, I found this tablecloth.  Look at that funky pattern!  This fits perfectly on my table.  I may use it as is or cut it up.  I haven’t decided yet.

Here are some vintage sheets and pillowcases.  I plan to buy more and make a quilt out of them some day.  I really love the patterns and colors.

This crocheted throw is made of wool and looked like it had been given a hot machine washing because it was already felted when I bought it.  I love the dimensionality of the center flowers, they are very thick and raised.  I very much want to learn to crochet now so I can make something like this. This may go in The Girl’s room as a rug, if she ever gets a room of her own.

Looking at all these together like this makes me realize that I apparently have a thing for textiles.  Lately I go to the thrift shops with the intention of finding fabulous fabric that I can make something out of.  Not only is it cheaper than a trip to the fabric store, but I think it’s wonderful to give new life to something old.

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  1. kangaroo writes:

    LOVE that rug. You could make pillowcase skirts…

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