Where the Magic Happens

Every bit of free time I have had in the last month has been spent organizing my sewing supplies.  Obviously I would love to have a whole room for my sewing, but for now I don’t mind being in the living room where I can be a part of the family action.  I have a desk tucked into a little alcove, with the shelves for fabric just around the corner.

I used to have most of my fabric and yarn stash in bins in a storage closet, but now it is all out where I can see it.  This means I can stop buying fabric and yarn (HA!) because now I can see it all instead of not being able to find what I need and just buying more.  I’m actually not too embarrassed about the amount of fabric here.  I thought it was going to be so much worse.  Most of this fabric is left over from old projects, with only a bit of it purchased just because I loved the print and intend to make clothes out of it.  Now if I could only find the time to do it.

Organizing all this fabric has taught me a valuable lesson about not cutting into fabric because I love it too much.  Some of this fabric I bought years ago and I’ve been too scared to use it for fear of messing it up.  There will always be more beautiful fabric at the store.  There’s also some really old fabric that The Daddy Monkey’s grandmother gave me.  Mostly wool, and it is beautiful.  Whatever will I do with it?

Just looking at the fabric all folded up and organized like this makes my heart sing.  It just makes me so happy.  And now that I’m so organized, I can just get in there and start working instead of spending a half hour clearing off the desk then another hour looking for my supplies.

Now for the gratuitous fabric photos.

The fabric stash.

Isn’t it so pretty?

Fabric for two upcoming quilt projects: The Girl’s big girl quilt is on the top, and vintage sheets are on the bottom.

Apparently I have enough felt.  That’s a big roll of 100% wool batting on top of it, for stuffing Waldorf dolls.

Thread and lots of it.

The desk where I have sewn so many projects for my home, for my loved ones, and for babies.  And now I can actually use it.  The desk belonged to The Daddy Monkey when he was a boy; his first initial is still carved into the top.

The four baskets on the top shelf are full of yarn, most of it purchased at thrift shops or recycled from thrifted sweaters.

While I was taking these photos today, The Boy said to me, “What are you doing Mama?”

“I’m taking pictures of my sewing desk,” I answered.

He asked me again, with more urgency, “What are you doing, Mama?”

“I’m standing on a chair.  You’re right, chairs are for sitting.  I could have been hurt.”

“You’re right Mama, but you weren’t hurt.”

6 Responses to “Where the Magic Happens”

  1. kangaroo writes:

    WOW. Well done, mama. We’re not supposed to use the j-word, right? I can’t wait to see what comes from this desk, my muse!

  2. Becky writes:

    I admire your organization. And the desk brings back memories….I had the same furniture as a child and it was passed down to me from my aunt.

  3. kangaroo writes:

    is a double comment on a post allowed? i had to look at this again. i love the ribbon idea for your fabric bundles. this has REALLY inspired me…i keep thinking i need to tackle closets, but organizing my craft tables and sewing area would be every so much more enjoyable. thank you, once again.

  4. TheSwedeLife writes:


    You officialyl have entered the realm of the ‘small beautiful moments’ blogs. Put up a vintage tea cup, and we are THERE!!! The great thing about this is that I know the bloggers now and know the other less perfect moments that occur outside these lovely picture perfect shot, it makes me appreciate it all the more. It’s nice to take a moment to see the beauty, and share it like this. This is truly gorgeous!

  5. Mothering Two writes:

    Awesome, mama! What a beautiful space you have created. :)

  6. mama bird writes:

    What an inspiration! I’ve been working on organizing my writing space & craft studio. This gives me the fuel to finish – thank you.

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