A Very Yellow Day

So what do you do when spring finally arrives to your Florida doorstep, and you want to sing it from the mountaintops?

Wear your new yellow tights with your new gray corduroy skirt.  (I think I finished this skirt just in time for it to be too hot to wear it, but I love it anyway.)

And…go to the fabric store, in search of a single pack of bias tape, and come out with a stack of yellow fabric.  I mean, it was on sale.  I added the textured cotton/linen and the gold silk on top from my stash.  Thank you, M for that silk, I’m looking forward to finally using it.

This is going to be a new quilt for my bed.  I know I already have three quilts in progress, please do not remind me of that.  I know I should be working, please do not remind me of that, either.  But, I thought a new fun project would motivate me.  So my new goal is to allow myself 30 minutes a day to craft just for me.

Because sometimes a girl just needs a little carrot dangled in front of her, to keep her motivated.

6 Responses to “A Very Yellow Day”

  1. MamaBird writes:

    Today felt very yellow indeed. Love those tights!

  2. Karen writes:

    Wow. Those tights are fantastic.
    Yellow it is!

  3. kangaroo writes:

    You looked fetching in them, m’dear!

  4. exhale. return to center. writes:

    i just bought a bunch of yellow at the thrift shop yesterday. not my usual color but i just could not resist it!!!

    looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!!


  5. nicole ( frontier dreams) writes:

    how beautiful! i look forward to seeing the quilt!

  6. WIP Wednesday: Yellow Quilt | The Laughing Monkey writes:

    […] I decided to play along with Nicole today, and share one of my many WIP’s.  Here are the humble beginnings of the Yellow Quilt. […]

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