Autumn Nature Table

Here is our nature table at the beginning of Autumn.

And here it is now. Hard to believe we’ll be clearing it off for advent soon!

I have been creating these nature tables for a year now, and I have to admit that they bring me such great joy.  Living in a place where it feels like perpetual summer, it’s important to me to create some sense of seasonal rhythms for my children.  These nature tables have really become that for us, and the kids are so used to it that they will intentionally find objects and carry them home to place on our nature table.

Wishing you and your family a joyous Thanksgiving.  I am filled with gratitude for all of the richness I have in my life.

3 Responses to “Autumn Nature Table”

  1. amy writes:

    Rose, thanks for sharing these practical pictures. I have been inspired by you and others to start finally for the first time our nature table. It will too soon be cleared for advent, and it is a meager start, but my boys have too started bringing things home to add to it, which is such a joy! Be sure and share what you do for the advent table. Warmly, amy

  2. Islay writes:

    I am desperately trying to find space for a nature table in our house – it is just so tiny there are virtually no flat surfaces to spare!

  3. MamaBird writes:

    Beautiful! I feel the same way, about the need to “create” the seasons here. We too are about to clear our table for Advent… I’ll be posting pics of my soon.

    Happy Thanksgiving… I am grateful for our friendship.

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